Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Update patch for the popular soccer game


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  • Category Various Utilities
  • Program license Free
  • Version (PES) 1.02
  • Size 14.19 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by KONAMI

The Patch for Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 is an update to the existing software PES 2010.

The Patch for Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 updates any bugs and glitches which players have found in Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 for Windows PC including the radar screen randomly disappearing, game mode crashes, Exhibition mode, and other miscellaneous error messages. The patch also adds online resources, smooths out some of the player moves, and Master League online play improvements, and a few new options for multiplayer games. It additionally contains patches for releases game versions 1.01 and 1.02.

The full game is called Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 but is also well known by the name Winning Eleven 2010 depending upon the country it is played in. Konami's official abbreviation is PES 2010. The 2010 game is one of several in the series, said to be Konami's best for the year in which it was released.

Konami is a Japanese toy and game maker in addition to casino games. What started out as a Jukebox rental and repair business back in 1969 has expanded considerably. In the United States, Konami has offices in California and Nevada. Founder and still chairman, Kagemasa Kōzuki, has seen the growth expand to Australia as well. Konami World Headquarters are located in Tokyo.

Although not well known for it, Konami dabbled in the film industry back in 2006 with the movie Silent Hill. Though they stopped at one movie, their cinematography skills can be seen in their game trailers and various player scenes in the games they produce.

The Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 patch is a free update authorized by the game designer, Konami. Happily, the game has players Lionel Messi and Fernando Torres available for teams.

In the updated (and patched) version of Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010, players will find that the AI or artificial intelligence seems more realistic. Online play may crash if not updated with the patch, and multiplayer games crash far less often.

Just as the game, the patch for Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 is rated E for Everyone. PES 2010 is a big improvement over earlier versions, specifically when it comes to the animations, visuals, and player movements. Live moves seem more natural and players can even enjoy facial expressions. The real-world physics of dribbling and shots were tweaked to make it more accurate to life, and individual techniques now vary as they would in a real game. The Game's AI referees got a boot in the backside and are currently reported to make more 'balanced' calls during matches.

Downloadable content is a part of PES 2010, and now players are able to view and customize team details, player transfers, and lots of other aspects previously hidden. Better control means game characters are capable of turning in any direction and the computer player can view the entire virtual 'world' while standing still just as they would out on the field while waiting for a referee's call or whistle to blow. Additionally, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League are fully licensed. 40 national teams compete in 6 Leagues. Countries represented include France, Italy, England, The Netherlands, Spain, and more.

In the patch for Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010, stadiums have been added to reflect world stadiums, as well as varying weather conditions. Unlockable games are classic games; your team can win an International Cup with the following nations: Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, England, Germany, and The Netherlands.


  • Better AI
  • Updates 2010 teams and players


  • A little dated now
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